Saturday, January 1, 2011

Why are Phrasal Verbs and Idiomatic Expressions so Important?

What's the big deal?

Every week from Monday to Friday (starting 3rd January 2011) I will be posting a comic strip on this site: either with a phrasal verb or an idiomatic expression. Do the math: that's 260 expressions in just 1 year... reading a comic strip for a few minutes a day!!

So what's the big deal? Why are phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions so important? Why is this blog going to focus specifically on them?... well... why not join us every day and find out for yourself?!

Phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions are used in everyday English. They are a natural part of language and are used by native speakers not only on special occasions... but all the time!! If you really want to speak English like a Native Speaker, then you will definitely need to expand your vocabulary to include as many as possible.

There are literally thousands of phrasal verbs and expressions out there... so where do you begin?! How do you begin this journey of a thousand miles? The simplest answer is: "With a single step."

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  1. thats great, I'm going to folow this blog!!!

  2. Nice to have you "on board" Cristina

  3. Also following from Spain. Great job! Thanks!