Thursday, October 2, 2014

One out of...

One way to report statistics is to say, “One out of xxx people…”,  “One out of every xxx people…”,  “One in xxx people…” or “One in every xxx people…”
Another possibility: “For every 4 people in the world there is 1 Chinese person.”

1.      Worldwide, around 265 people are born every minute and 115 people die, for a net increase in population of 150 people every minute. So for every 2 people that are born, 1 dies.

2.      In a study of 3,000 people who made New Year's resolutions in 2007, only 12% stuck to them. The resolution with the greatest chance of success was "to enjoy life more". This means that only one in every 8 people stuck to their resolutions.

3.      Half of the population of Uganda is under 15 years of age… which means that 1 out of every 2 people is under the age of 15.

4.      One in every 10 YouTube videos is available in HD (High Definition) and 3 out of every 10  YouTube users are from the USA. 7 out of 10 users are outside of the USA.

5.      By 2030, the UN Population Fund says the number of city inhabitants will be over five billion, or 60% of world population. That’s 3 in 5 people!

6.      One in three Americans will be diagnosed with cancer, often before the age of 65.

7.      The countries with the highest populations of native English speakers are, in descending order: United States (215 million), United Kingdom (61 million), Canada (18.2 million), Australia (15.5 million), Nigeria (4 million), Ireland (3.8 million), South Africa (3.7 million), and New Zealand (3.6 million) - 2006 Census. Three out of every 4 English speakers are now non-native speakers.

8.      In New Zealand there are currently 40 million sheep and 4 million people. So there are 10 sheep for every one person. In 1982 it used to be 22 sheep per person.