Monday, May 21, 2018

Be able to…

If you are able to do something, you have the ability to do it.
 (conseguir fazer)

1. How long are you able to maintain a consistent daily routine without giving up? Have you ever heard of Jerry Seinfeld’s strategy called, “Don’t break the chain!”?

2. Some Brazilians take oaths (promises), which usually involves abstaining from something for a long period of time, on the condition that they or a family member gets what they want - for example, passing a public contest. Would you be able to stop eating, say, bread for 4 or 5 years?

3. Very few people are able to admit that they are wrong. It’s not easy to swallow your pride.

4. My daughter is still not able to whistle. That’s only to be expected for her age. Is there anything you‘re still not able to do that most other people can do? I’m still not able to speak Korean.

5. Is there any process you‘re not able to currently complete because of bureaucracy? Have you come up against any dead ends and cannot continue moving forward?

6. Many Brazilians from the Northeast are not able to pronounce the letter “R” as they do in the South of Brazil… or as we do in English. What sounds in English are you not able to reproduce yet?

7. What things are you able to do that others can’t, because you’re highly skilled/ trained in that area? I’m able to play the harmonica pretty well and manipulate the CSS of blogs in general.

8. I’m not able to cook well, but I am planning to improve! What are you unable to do right now that you’re planning to get better at?

9. I am able to work on anything (or watch anything) for hours on end. What are you able to do for a number of hours without getting distracted, tired or giving up?

10. I was never able to finish my Math exams on time. I was not that bad… just a little slow. In what area of knowledge are you unable to process information quickly?