Friday, December 9, 2011

Get out what you put in

This expression means that you will only benefit from something to the degree of effort that you make or put in.

1. The cold, hard fact is that when it comes to learning English (or any language for that matter) you only get out what you put in… so if you study for 5 minutes once a week, you won’t see much of an improvement in your language skills or communication.

2.  Some similar expressions to “You get out what you put in” are: “You reap what you sow”, “You are what you eat”, “No pain no gain” and “You get what you give”.

3. What you get out of any relationship is what you put into it. If you spend quality time with your family or friends, you will create memories that will last and build unbreakable relationships. This is especially true in any marriage.

4. Have you heard of the expression, “Life is what you make of it.”? It means that what you put into life is what you will get out of it. Do you feel that you have had many opportunities in life and the freedom to make your own choices? People who are constantly complaining and who are generally pessimistic don’t understand that their lives could be so much more different and happier if they made an effort to be friendlier and more accepting of other people… as well as starting to put more effort into certain areas of their lives so that they could benefit (in time).

5. In computer terminology we have the expression “Garbage in, garbage out (GIGO)”. It is used primarily to call attention to the fact that computers will unquestioningly process the most nonsensical of input data ("garbage in") and produce nonsensical output ("garbage out"). – Wikipedia. What you put into a computer is what you will get out.

6. When it comes to children playing violent video games, do you think that “What you put in is what you get out”? Do you think it affects young people adversely?

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