Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cheer up

When you try to cheer someone up, you try to make them feel better because they are feeling sad, depressed, discouraged or despondent.

1.  Isn’t it irritating or annoying when you are feeling down and someone casually says to you, “Cheer up!”? Do they expect you to instantly change your mood with a click of their fingers?!

2. When you are stuck in a rut (a monotonous routine or emotional state that is difficult to get out of), how do you cheer yourself up? Do you watch a movie, visit a friend or eat some ice-cream?

3. It’s relatively easy to cheer children up. You can make faces, act silly, give them some candy/ sweets, distract them from what is making them sad, promise them something, give them what they want, hug, kiss or cuddle them.

4.  Here are the lyrics to Bob Marley’s song, “Cheer up”: “Cheer up my brothers, cheer up my sisters. Cheer up my momma too, Lord. Cheer up my father, let me say I know it won't be long. That change has got to come. And I know that it won't be long. We've been down in captivity so long, so long. If we unite then we will be free”:

5. Here are some things you can do to cheer up: Watch an episode of “Friends”, Take a long walk, read some comic strips online, play with a dog, drink a cup of coffee, surf Youtube and watch stupid videos, spend time with children, put on your headphones and sing some of your favorite songs, go shopping and splash out… all of these are temporary things that may help you to cheer up and see things from a different perspective.

6. Some of my English students come to class feeling stressed out and down. After some time of being distracted from their problems, they begin to cheer up.


  1. This one is definitely a positive phrasal verb. :) Unfortunately, our lives is often full of stress, sadness, and other negative emotions and feelings, thus we need something/somebody to cheer us up.

    I agree, the best solution is to distract yourself (or have someone distract you) from your negative thoughts, and when you come back to it after a while, a new solution may dawn on you or you'll see positive sides. "Every cloud has a silver lining", I like this saying a lot.

    I enjoy reading books/magazines/etc. so this is my way to cheer up.

  2. The TV series Chuck really cheered me up... but a couple of days ago I watched the final episode. It's gone forever... but luckily I still have some other comedy TV series to cheer me up.

    You're absolutely right, Eugene... every cloud has a silver lining. Generally. Not so optimistic, am I?!

  3. Nice, I would say that watching to The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men almost always cheers me up. Because sometimes I sit in front of the TV and can't focus on what's going on on the screen. I stay thinking on what happened during the day and the TV becomes something like a background music. =]

    Please, how can I say "concentrate" in this context using a phrasal verb? Is "focus on" right?

  4. Hi Marcos... yes, you can say "focus on" when you concentrate on something.

    I also watch the Big Bang Theory and 2.5 Men. It does help to distract you and laugh a little. They are both produced by the same guy - Chuck Lorre.

    2 new comedy series (sitcoms) I highly recommend are: "New Girl" and "Whitney". Both of them are really funny. At first I didn't want to watch, because I thought they were for girls... but my wife convinced me to watch. I think both of them are super funny.

  5. Nice, thanks!

    I've just watched some trailers of both of them on Youtube. They seemed to be really funny. I'll start watching them as well. =]

  6. Cheer up! failing a school test is not the end of the world, you can always come back from behind.