Monday, March 5, 2012

Set up

The “Huns” are a tribe of barbarians who are the enemies 
of the imaginary kingdom of Id.
To set up: to construct, to configure (electronics), to assemble, to establish (create) something, to erect or to organize.

1. When you want to set up (establish) your own business, you will probably need some capital (money) to start with… at least for advertising your services. You will also need a game plan - and more than that you, will need persistence.

2. To “set up shop” is an idiomatic expression which means to establish a business or an organization. When a company of any sort sets up shop in a foreign country because the exchange rate is more favorable (and thus the labor is cheaper), we call this outsourcing. Do you know of any companies that outsource their manufacturing and set up shop overseas?

3 It is becoming easier and easier to set up (create) a blog page. Google is making the interface really easy for new bloggers to figure out exactly what to do step by step.

4. Before any band plays music, they need to set up the drums, microphones, amplifiers etc.


  1. Thank you so much!!!

    For this explanation and for sharing your knowledge with all of us,,,now I am completely clear about the use of this phrasal verb.

    Please correct me If you find any error or mistake in this post.



  2. ErrorS/ mistakeS
    Thanks Gladys!

  3. @Marcos Borges ® Where do apple have their products manufactured?

  4. Yeah, "setup" is an extremely common name of computer programs' installers. Either "setup" or "install".

    I've always wanted to set up a PCB (printed circuit board) that does something useful. In fact, marking up, etching, soldering aren't hard activities, but what stops me is the lack of physics and low-level electronics knowledge, which is required at the beginning of the process.

  5. @pluton I didn't understand half of what you explained! Haha... everyone has their field of expertise...

  6. @Frank, hmm, I didn't think it was that complex. Putting it more clearly, a PCB is a board with various electronic pieces set up on it. Any electronic/digital device has them. And you can design and set up your own, for instance, to display the number of comments left to your posts that you haven't read yet.

  7. @pluton It's a piece of cake for you... but I know next to nothing about computer hardware and circuits. I should educate myself a little more :)

  8. I LOVE this blog! Thank you for your dedication!

  9. Thanks for your comments Debora! I will be posting some new lessons next week for sure!

  10. Just set up a time and we'll start the project.