Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Settle for

When you “settle for” anything, you are accepting second best or something that is inferior to what you really wanted – because you have limited options, or what you want is not possible.

1.  I would really love a house right on the beach one day - but if not possible I will have to settle for renting an apartment with a sea view.

2. If I ask for a pineapple juice when I am at a restaurant, and they don’t have any, I usually settle for an orange juice.

3. If you can’t get into the course at university that you really want, you may have to settle for something similar… or even consider studying another career. Sometimes life doesn’t work out the way we want or expect.

4. What brand names do you have to settle for because the product that you want is either not available or much more expensive?


  1. hey Frank Thanks! and I am settle for when I will buy a soda at a supermarket, I prefer coke soda but, if they don't have a Coke drink, I will settle for with a Fanta drink :/

  2. You must never settle for anything, always try to improve yourself.