Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Up to speed


If you are up to speed with a subject or an activity, you have all the latest information about it. It relates to being competent in knowledge, skill or training. This expression is similar to: “fill someone in”.

1. When you’ve missed a couple of episodes of your favorite TV series, do you like to get up to speed by watching the ones you missed, or are you OK to continue with the latest episode?

2. When you haven’t spoken a 2nd language for quite some time, you might want to brush up on (practice/ revise) your ability and get a bit of practice before you plan to engage in that language. A good way to bring yourself up to speed would be to read a book in that language or take a few conversation classes.

3. Why do you think Africa is so far behind the rest of the world in technology? Is the problem cultural… or is there maybe a historical disadvantage? What do you think it would take to bring Africa up to speed?


  1. As my computer is rendering some audio files really slowly, let me see if I got it right.

    I need to bring my everyday English reading up to speed.

    How are you doing Frank?

    A hug!

  2. Hey Marcos,

    Hope you're done rendering!

    I'm kind of busy on my end. That's a good thing I'm sure you'll agree. Work is good.

    I need to bring myself up to speed on what's happening in Brazilian politics at the moment. I don't really know what's happening, can you believe it!?


  3. I need to bring myself up to speed regarding knowing the techniques to selling myself because that could give me the upper hand when I apply for a job.

  4. that's a mere thing you can get over it, no biggie, let's buckle down and do our homework so we can speed things up. haha Ok the first bit of my sentence didn't have anything to do with the second but I felt like throwing it in anyway LOL

  5. I'm bringing myself up to speed with all of the comments you've left.