Sunday, July 13, 2014

A new blog you might enjoy...

Hi guys,

I rarely post anything other than my English teaching material. This is one of those rare moments ;-)

For those of you who are in any way interested in the world of productivity or in organizational apps such as Evernote and Workflowy... or even if you just like Star Wars and other such geeky things, you may find my new blog interesting as well as entertaining. I launched it last week.

Productivity Mashup

The first 2 posts are about a list-making/ outlining app called WorkFlowy. I talk about how I've been using WorkFlowy during the World Cup Soccer this last month: 

  • Completing a soccer album with no less than 649 stickers
  • Keeping track of soccer scores in my own home-made digital list 
If you've been following Natively Speaking Comics for some time... heck, you may even be curious as to the face behind this blog... you'll learn a little more about me there. It's all in English, of course... and you'll notice that my writing style is a tad bit different! No "dumbing down" (simplifying) my English... so it will surely be a challenge to many of you. Who said English was easy!?

So... head on over there if you're curious (and sign up for email updates!):

I will continue with posts right here next week. The World Cup comes to an end today!! Good luck to both Argentina and Germany. May the best team win!




  1. Hi, I was looking for a list of written sounds for expressing different emotions like ugh, ahhh...didn't find that, but I ran into your blog and want you to know I think it is fantastic. :-)