Tuesday, August 19, 2014


When we use a "NOUN + THING" combination, we are saying that the topic at hand has to do with that noun. It is connected to that noun. It is related to that noun. In the comic strip one shark comments that his going in circles and getting nauseous must be related to/ have to do with his age. It's a very common and easy way to connect ideas.

1. When women do not want to explain what they're talking about or joking about, they will say to guys, "It's a girl thing". It may be private, personal, embarrassing or difficult to explain. When a woman says that, do you get curious… or do you lose interest?

2. Likewise, when men don't have the patience to explain why they like watching football, going fishing or having a beer with their friends… They say "It's a guy thing". Are there certain things that you don't have the time or patience to explain because you think people won't understand anyway?

3. When a conversation is interrupted by a telephone call, once the person is finished chatting, if the call was from a colleague at work and was very technical, normally we explain to the other people, "It's a work thing". That way no one will think it is interesting and will probably lose their curiosity. Do you say something similar in your own language?

4. Anything we find difficult to relate to or explain, we use the "noun + thing" construct. For example, "It's a teenage thing." Are you totally out of touch with teenagers these days… or do you understand the trends and issues they are facing?

5. Often parents say to the children, "Don't worryIt's an adult thing." Do you now understand all the things your parents wouldn't explain to you when you were a child? Would those things have been difficult to understand when you were younger?

6. If you are not able to communicate clearly with someone due to language barriers, any misunderstandings that arise are most likely a language thing.

7. When someone quotes or references a science-fiction movie and not everybody understands it, you could say, for example, "It's a Star Wars thing", especially if you don't have the patience to explain the whole idea behind it. Do you know any famous Star Wars quotes?

8. Here in Brazil when I don't understand any context or situation, I say to myself, "It must be a Brazilian thing." Usually, in time, I begin to understand something better and better.

9. These days I can't seem to sleep for eight hours a night like I used to. I'm wondering if it's an age thing or a stress thing. Are you noticing any changes in your life because of aging?


  1. My neighbor's wife is going to undergo surgery. I don't know why, but it must be a woman thing!

  2. I guess you will never know... unless it's an aesthetic thing... then you might notice a change.

  3. Very good. .... Is it common in USA?

  4. hello everybody,i'm endriw and i'm 13 years old,i have to say that i liked this site very much,wow, just the idea of add comics in english,question and replies, i thought a very interesting site and my congratulations to person that created this site, and i think that is not only us that have this question but everybody when you say.it's a personal thing of course you will respect him but the question about what he was talking about, you will have this question and thanks for the attention and my congratulations to the creator of this site, have a good day, bye!

  5. Hey Endriw, thanks for your comment. Nice to have you here!
    Yes... most people are curious when someone says, "It's a personal thing", haha!

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