Thursday, February 3, 2011

Carry a secret to the grave

If you carry a secret to the grave it means that you will never reveal your secret. You will never tell anyone. It will die with you.

1. It is said that Harry Houdini, the most famous of escape artists, carried his secrets to the grave. He never revealed exactly how he escaped, and died shortly after one of his most famous escapes. Take a look at one of his escapes on Youtube

2. There is a group on Facebook called “We All Have That Secret We Will Carry To The Grave”, where people are invited to share their secrets. Interestingly (and fittingly) there are no comments on the wall since you cannot remain anonymous if you post a comment.

3. You can trust me. Don’t worry, I will carry your secret to the grave. 

4. During his entire life, he never told anyone where he buried (hid) the money. He carried his secret to the grave.

5. Some people who lead a double life and have two families in different cities carry their secret to the grave. Incredibly no one discovers the secret… until much later.


  1. In Italian we have exactly the same expression :)
    PS: Congrats for the blog, I just love it!!

  2. Thanks Marina. I hope that this blog will be useful to many people who want to learn a little every day. I'm glad you love it!

  3. Sorry, but why this strip is supposed to be funny? Calvin shows off he will never reveal the secret, but what's next? He goes out from the classroom moaning and is that all?

  4. Ahh ok, now I see it, the door reads principal which means the person who manages the school, ok.

    Sorry, I'm not very smart.

  5. Actually, I thought this comic strip was insanely hilarious... and it has nothing to do with the "punchline" (final words/ conclusion)... It's all about how melodramatic Calvin gets... and all while trying to cover for the fact that he forgot to bring something for "show and tell". I guess you have to understand what "show and tell" is for the strip to be funny...

  6. So didn't Calvin bring anything for show and tell? ahh, I thought he did but didn't want to tell the classroom because of his natural evil nature. Now it adds up.

    Thanks Frank.

  7. Well... you raised an interesting point that I never thought about... maybe he did bring something for show and tell - but, like you said, just wanted to be difficult...

    I just assumed that he brought nothing, because of his track record. He usually forgets to do his homework or puts it off...