Monday, February 7, 2011

Draw the line

If you draw the line, you are setting a limit of what is acceptable or not acceptable… of what you will tolerate or not. You decide how far you will let something go.

1. Many people in Egypt, Tunisia and Oman have drawn a line and are saying that they want change in their country right now. They will not put up with (tolerate) their governments any longer.

2. If you don’t draw a line and set limits for children, they will grow up to be undisciplined.

3. If you spend too much time on social networks or surfing the internet (which can be very addictive) you need to draw the line and set some personal limits of how long you can afford to spend online each day.

4. If people are taking advantage of you (using you), you need to show them that you are drawing the line, or you need to make some changes in your relationships with them.

5. If you don’t draw the line between work and family time, your family life will suffer as a result. Workaholics usually sacrifice their social and family life.


  1. We have the same expression in Ukrainian: "Підводити межу"

  2. Thanks for the expression in Ukrainian - I think it will help others!

  3. Thank you for this explanation.

  4. Just like the golden globe winner Jim Parsons well said in 'The Big Bang Theory':
    "The line must be drawn HERE, this far, no farther!"