Friday, August 5, 2011

Fill (someone) in on (something)

If you fill (someone) in on (something), you are informing them about events or things that have happened, you are updating them with the latest news or information, you are telling them about the details or facts of something.

1. I don’t often read the newspapers or watch the news on TV in Brazil. I tend to watch international news and read articles online… so often my students fill me in on important and current events happening locally.

2. The president of any country needs his aides (assistants) to fill him/ her in on anything of national importance. The president would need to be informed of anything of significance, especially related to issues of National Security or international developments that are relevant.

3. After a vacation you need your colleagues/ workmates to fill you in on anything related to your job that you might have missed while you were not there.

4. Gossip is the most common way to be filled in on anything… informal information is much easier to remember than facts and statistics.

5. Do you consider yourself a reliable person to fill someone else in on anything? Do you remember all the details? Do you give just the facts or do you exaggerate a little?

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  1. Can anyone fill me in on the details of the Rugby World Cup next month?