Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mind (your) own business

To mind (your) your own business means that you don’t bother anyone, you don’t cause any problems or trouble… you just continue quietly with your own activities or life. You respect other peoples’ privacy and don’t get involved in their affairs/ business.
* Hang around -> to sit or stay in a certain place/ to spend time somewhere.

1. If you were at the supermarket and you saw somebody shoplifting (stealing items from a shop)… would you mind your own business or would you tell someone in charge?

2. Are you the type of person who minds your own business or are you curious about everything and everyone around you?

3. If we always mind our own business, we can live simple and uncomplicated lives – but the problem with that is that we wouldn’t make any friends if we always kept to ourselves (minded our own business).

4. - Hey, what are you up to (doing)?
    - Mind your own business!! You are so nosy 

      (get involved in other peoples’ business).

5. Do you like to give advice to people or do you usually mind your own business and let people learn from their own mistakes?

6. Some adults believe that “children should be seen and not heard”… in other words, they think that children should mind their own business and not interrupt conversations etc.


  1. Mind your own business! Actually... don't... please leave a comment!

  2. I try to mind my own business when people gossip about our mutual colleagues or even about celebrities. But curiosity is probably people's second nature and it's quite hard not to be nosy :)


  3. Ditto (I agree)... after all, we're only human!