Friday, October 21, 2011

Drive (someone) crazy


If something drives you crazy, it irritates or frustrates you. Similar expressions: to drive (someone) nuts/ bonkers/ bananas/ up the wall. 

1. It drives me crazy when I buy something that costs $20.05c, for example… and the person at the cash register makes me break another bill instead of forgetting about the extra 5c.

2. Doesn’t it drive you up the wall when someone asks you a question and then doesn’t listen to your answer? Are you a good listener or are you easily distracted?

3. One of my “pet peeves” (things that commonly annoy you) is finding any kind of liquid at the bottom of the trash can. It drives me bananas! Here is a list of some peoples’ common pet peeves: Here are some examples from the site: (1) Noisy eaters (2) Anyone – male or female- who says “We’re pregnant” (3) Conspiracy theories (4) When somebody turns off the lights when you are still in the room (5) People who don’t remove the stickers from their new electronics.

4. Here’s what drives the following celebrities nuts:
Jay Leno: Talk show guests that have nothing to say. 

George Lopez: When someone eats anything off of my plate, it drives me crazy.
Frankie Muniz: People driving slowly on the freeway. I want to get a motorcycle and go through the middle.

Adam Mesh: Construction outside your apartment window is the worst.

5. Adele’s song, “Rolling in the deep” is driving me crazy. She is incredibly talented and the song is really catchy, but I must have heard the song a thousand times already! The song is being “killed”:

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