Monday, October 3, 2011

Have (your) head on straight

If someone “has their head on straight”, they are sensible, down-to-earth and rational. They think clearly and make good decisions. A variation of the expression is, “to have your head screwed on right”.

1. Unfortunately, Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson didn’t have their heads on straight. They had difficulties with substance abuse (drugs) and, in Amy’s case, later with alcoholism which lead to her death. Michael Jackson’s personal physician didn’t have his head screwed on straight. He administered MJ a lethal dose of propofol along with lorazepam, diazepam and midazolam which caused MJ to enter cardiac arrest (have a heart attack). At the moment that physician is on trial (in court) for the death of MJ. 
- You need to get your head on straight and think about your priorities.
- Just let me finish watching this Rugby match and then I’ll go out to buy some diapers, ok?

3. My English students have got their heads on straight. Although for most of them English is not an urgent necessity in the here and now, they are investing in their future. We need to make good decisions now that will benefit us in the future. We “reap what we sow”.

4. I am sure that throughout history people have always said, “These young people nowadays need to get their heads screwed on straight!” Somehow the younger generations always seems to navigate their way through their teens, heading on to become our future leaders.

5. Does your president have his/ her head on straight? Does he/ she make the best decisions regarding the economy and for the population as a whole – even if he/ she cannot always please everyone? How about your mayors and governors? Are they as sensible as your president and run your city, state or province with the same understanding and wisdom?


  1. I haven't got my head on straight when the people speaking me so fast in English!
    Tks 4 U blog! Paty.

  2. Thanks for all your comments Paty. I appreciate it. I'm sure you have your head on straight (in general!).