Friday, January 20, 2012

Look for

If you are looking for something, you are searching for it. A synonym for look for is “to seek”. 

1. Are you totally happy with your current job, or are you looking for a new one? If you don’t already have the perfect job, what would your dream job be? Is there anything stopping you from getting your dream job?

2. If you’re looking for a certain street or neighborhood, do you stop to ask for directions?

3 Are you still looking for the love of your life, or have you already found him/ her? Do you believe in “soul mates”?

4. Do you need to look for some things on the internet because you can’t find them in your town/ city? Here in Fortaleza, Brazil, I can’t seem to find face cloths. I’m not sure what people use instead, but I will find out soon I guess…

5. Bono from U2 sings, “… but I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.” I know it’s a very general and vague question… but have you found what you’re looking for in life?

6. Here is a self-explanatory expression: “If you look for something hard enough you will find it.” The Bible says, “Seek and you will find”.

7. When you discover or find something by accident or unexpectedly, you stumble upon it. I had been looking for a capo for my guitar for ages (a long time). A few weeks ago I was looking for a specific electronics store downtown when I got lost and I stumbled upon a bunch of musical instrument stores… and of course found a capo.

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  1. I've been looking for my wallet but I still can't find it.