Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Put (something) off

If you put (something) off, you postpone it. You leave something for a later time that you really should do right now.

1.  There is an expression: “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”. Now there’s a piece of advice that is easier said than done. Here’s another version that I really like: “Never put off until tomorrow what you can completely forget about.” It is actually a joke, but in a way it makes sense, because sometimes we plan to do so many things which are unimportant, and by following the second piece of advice, we can simplify our lives.

2. When someone puts things off habitually, we say that they procrastinate. I think the number one reason for procrastination is laziness. Are you a chronic procrastinator?

3. What are some of the common things that you keep putting off? Do you procrastinate when it comes to replying to emails, studying for an exam, going to the dentist or starting an exercise routine?

4.  Do you think some cultures as a whole naturally put things off more than other cultures?

5. To avoid putting something off, do you need a motivation/ incentive, or are you able to do something automatically just because you know you should?

6. Some people put off getting married or having children because they feel that they need to focus more on their careers. Have you “sacrificed” anything for your career?

7. Before you put something off, you can motivate yourself by telling yourself, “It’s now or never!” Sometimes we need to give ourselves a “pep talk”.

8. When there is something you want to buy that you can’t afford right now, you can put off buying it until you’re in a better financial position or you can buy it on credit.

9. There are tons of reasons why people put off reading the Bible or going to church.

10. I hardly ever put off watching my favorite TV series… only on the rare occasion when I am super busy.   

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  1. Mi phone is not working well, I guess we'll have to put off our conversation for next time.