Thursday, September 13, 2012

Miss out (on) something

If you miss out on something, you lose the opportunity to experience or participate in something enjoyable, especially entertainment.

1. You are missing out on one of the best ways to improve your English if you’re not watching any TV series. Without a doubt, all of my students who watch some kind of TV series regularly are the ones who show a marked improvement in their English skills during class. I cannot emphasize this point enough!

2. When someone invites you to any social event and you decline, afterwards you will hear them say, “You missed out on a great movie/ barbeque/ party/ day at the beach/ excursion/ class/ show/ event” etc.

3 Those who are not learning or do not speak a 2nd language are really missing out on the opportunity to communicate directly to so many people. There’s nothing like speaking to someone in their own language.

4. If you haven’t yet tried a peanut butter and honey sandwich, you are missing out on one of life’s finest experiences!


  1. I could be playing videogames or doing another unproductive thing, but missing out on the opportunity to learn phrasal verbs and Idioms? No thanks.

  2. whenever I'm driving my friend next to me tells me "Look at that chic!!!", but I can't look because my hands are busy, I hate missing out on that, one of these days when my friend is the person driving I'm gonna settle some old scores....LOL revenge is bad by the way ! don't do that ! :P

  3. You can't miss out when you're "in the driver's seat"...