Friday, October 26, 2012

Catch on

If something catches on, it becomes popular... people start using or following it. It could be related to technology, fashion, slang phrases, etc.

1.  It took no time at all for Facebook to catch on in Brazil and surpass Orkut. It practically happened overnight. In fact, all forms of social media caught on really quickly here.

2. Do you think it’s easy for anyone to make up (“invent”) a new phrase and make it catch on so that the whole population starts using it? Perhaps social media helps to spread the word much easier these days.

3. The Emo culture (music/ fashion/ behavior) originated in the early 1980’s in Washington DC. Soon it caught on and spread to the Midwestern and Central United States… and then really went mainstream internationally in the 2000’s with the emergence of many well-known Emo bands.

4. I am really interested in the process of how something catches on. In many cases I think it is really an artificially induced “popularity” as hype is created by advertising campaigns and marketing in general.


  1. The song caught on around the world pretty quickly.

  2. Hey Frank, I was there in Fortaleza last week. Actually in Aquiraz at the Porto das Dunas beach... =]

    I bought a t-shirt that says: Insano, Eu sobrevivi. ahahaha

    A hug. I think the song Anonymous said is that Michel Telo's song "Ai se eu te pego". =]

  3. I think you're right... the English version goes, "Oh my god... if I catch you", haha. My daughter loves that song!
    Wow, you were in Fortaleza... so close yet so far! Maybe next time you can stay at my place... I've got a nice spacious apartment, so you can invite some friends too.

  4. there's another meaning to it, a few months ago I was watching this lively cartoon called "adventure time"; one of the characters said "I thought you'd never catch on", meaning like "I thought you'd never understand" something like that, you get my drift, after all you're the sensei Frank. Once my English gets really badass I will say to the people around me "Frank had to do a lot with it"