Tuesday, October 23, 2012

No wonder...

It’s no surprise, we don’t have to guess why, we don’t have to imagine why.

1. - You work 70 hours a week and are always under pressure with your job. No wonder you have ulcers!
2.  After decades of oppressive regimes in the Middle East, it’s no wonder those nations have been revolting.

3.  With one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world, it is no wonder that much of life in Brazil revolves around the beach, whether it’s a vacation, daily strolls to contemplate or simply to celebrate life.

4With the impact people are making on the environment and the “carbon footprint” we’re leaving behind, there’s no wonder that the climate around the world is changing and we are experiencing extremes.


  1. After all the effort the creators of this web site put, there's no wonder why this is my favorite web site when it comes to phrasal verbs and idioms.

  2. Thanks for dropping by... nice to read all your comments... I can see that you really do get the idea of each expression... you're spot on when using each in context!

  3. Thanks for reading my comments, feel free to correct me if you notice any mistakes :D