Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Didn't see it coming

If you never saw/ didn't see something coming, it was totally unexpected.

1. Sometimes an event or circumstance takes us by surprise. Often, the untimely and premature death of celebrities (or loved ones) shocks us, because we never saw it coming

2. When the ending of a movie turns out way different to what we expect, we call that a twist (in the plot). The storyline is designed in such a way that we don't see it coming. Can you remember a movie that turned out completely different to what you imagined?
My example: Memento.

3. Do you know someone whose husband or wife cheated on them? I'll bet they never saw it coming

4. The Turkish prime minister has recently banned Twitter in Turkey, because of its power to mobilize masses and the quick spread of information. This follows a tragic mining accident where more than 300 Turkish miners were killed. The families of the victims never saw the accident coming. The prime minister didn't see the protests and the general unrest coming. The population didn't see the banning of Twitter coming. It is still possible to connect to Twitter through alternative routes… The prime minister didn't see that coming.

5. If something happens "out of the blue", it happens quickly and unexpectedly. If something happens out of the blue, you don't see it coming. It appears from “out of nowhere”.

6. Sometimes, important characters in the TV series "Game of Thrones" are killed... and unless you have read the book, you definitely don't see it coming.

7. If any plan or scheme (especially an evil one) doesn't work out the way someone expects, we say their plan has backfired. They didn't plan for it… and so, they didn't see it coming

8. If someone is blindsided, they are attacked or hit in their "blind spot". They didn't see it coming. If someone takes you by surprise, especially in a competition or a game, they blindside you. You are caught by surprise or caught unawares. When contestants in the famous reality TV series "Survivor" are blindsided, they don't see it coming, mostly because someone in their alliance betrayed them. They are shocked when they are voted out.

9. Can you remember any World Cup soccer match where the favorite team to win was beaten and they never saw it coming?

10. Have you ever been fired or seen someone get fired who didn't see it coming? Sometimes unfair things happen in life and we never see them coming. Being the victim of credit card fraud is another frustrating example. You should take added precaution… perhaps set it up to receive a text message every time your credit card is used. That will alert you if an unauthorized person has just used your card.


  1. Solo que agradecemos que nos brindes esta buenísima página ,yo trato de extenderla a más gente

  2. Thank you for your kind words "Letaniabubu". What specifically do you like about this site? Also, would you like to see any additions or changes?

  3. Hi Sérgio... You asked the question: ""Does the expression "someone had it coming" have a different meaning, like he/she deserved it?""

    >>> Exactly Sérgio. Someone who has is coming might be oblivious (have no idea) to the fact that there is an unpleasant consequence just around the corner. In that sense, he/ she would not see it coming when he/ she experiences the consequences.

    By the way, Sérgio, please let me know if your comments are not appearing (unless you delete them)... I had this happen before with someone who commented but the comments never appeared. If so, I can investigate for you :-)

    By this I mean that I get an email notification about your comment, but then I don't see it on my blog. Google might be filtering your comments to spam.