Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wish + past simple

When we use “wish”, the grammar is identical to the “2nd conditional”: we need to use the past simple form of the verb. Both are called “present unreal conditionals”. We use it for imagined situations.
* To express a regret in the past using “wish” we use the past perfect tense.

1.      I wish I had an iPhone. Then again, if I had one, I probably wouldn’t even use 10% of its features. (This example was written over a year ago, and I do use more than 10% of my iPhone's features :-) ... You see, dreams do come true!)

2.      Don’t you wish that everyone in the world could just get along? Do human beings have it in them?  

3.      I wish the city hall in Fortaleza would build a world-class zoo. Every now and then I want to see a real lion.

4.      The most popular thing to write on a postcard is: “Wish you were here”. Do you think people are being sincere when they write that, or are they bragging about their exotic destination?

5.      Example created over a year ago: Recently (November 19th) Barack Obama gave a speech in Burma and said the following: “As president I cannot just impose my will on the congress of the United States, even though sometimes I wish I could.” Is this is a political gaffe? At the very least, his opposition will take it out of context and make a mountain out of a molehill (make a big deal out of something small/ exaggerate).

6.      I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day. What would you do with the extra time if there were 26?

7.      Do you wish you were younger or older, taller or shorter or that you had different color eyes or darker or lighter skin? There are many people who wish they had some of your features.

8.      * I’m sure that many celebrities are now wishing that they hadn’t gotten botox injections or had plastic surgery done

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