Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Have got it made

If you’ve got it made, then you have everything you need for success or for a comfortable, easy or happy life:

1. Nice house, good job, lovely family - you've got it made

2. It seems that some people have got it made, but many of them are probably maxing out their credit cards.

3. Most people living in first world countries have got it made. They have opportunities to create a better life for themselves that people in other countries don’t have. 

4. Everyone in Finland already has a legal right to free broadband internet. By 2015 everyone will have free access to a 100 Mb broadband connection. They’ve got it made.

5. Vienna, Austria is currently the number one city in the world to live. They’ve really got it made. One big problem they have though, is that they don’t have any beaches there.

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