Wednesday, June 29, 2011

To show up

To “show up” means to arrive or to appear. Another phrasal verb, which is a synonym, is “turn up”.

1. For social occasions or events, most people in Latin America show up 30 minutes to 1 hour later than the time given, which is acceptable, because there is an unspoken understanding that everyone will arrive “late”.

2. Do you think it is more important for the teacher or for a student to show up on time?

3. Person “A” & “B” are going on a date and have agreed to meet at a specific restaurant. Person “A” shows up on time and waits for more than 2 hours. Person “B” doesn’t show up and neither does he answer his cell phone. Person “B” stood person “A” up (to stand someone up: to not show up to an appointment, especially a romantic date).

4. If you don’t show up to work, your boss will need a very good explanation… or a doctor’s note. If you constantly show up late to work, you will most likely (probably) get fired.

5. If you are going on an international flight you need to arrive at the airport at least 2-3 hours beforehand. If you show up 20 minutes before departure time, you will probably miss your flight.


  1. When you show up on my blog, please leave a comment for others to see... I would like to build a sense of community here... thanks!

  2. Now when you don't show up the waiting person can call you on your mobile.

    Great job Frank, thanks!


  3. Yes, it's difficult to "get away with" standing someone up when the person has a cell phone!... but there are also many excuses related to not answering your cell phone. Thanks for the comment Mary!

  4. This strip was funny!! I think i would never show up on a job interview dressed in my blanket :))
    Great that you came back Frank, thanks!

  5. If you really really wanted the job and you had nothing to wear (like most women complain about), then you would have to show up in a blanket ;)