Monday, June 20, 2011

The last straw

“The last straw” is the last of a series of irritations or disappointments that causes someone to finally lose their patience, trust, or hope. It can also be the problem that causes the collapse of something. It comes from an Arabic story, where a camel was loaded to its limit with straw until one final straw broke its back.

1. The last straw for Calvin (in the comic strip above) is that his mother wants him to clean his room. He lost his patience and wants to secede (terminate his association/ separate himself) from his family.

2. The bombing of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii was the last straw for the USA. They then got directly involved in the 2nd World War.

3. I have had many problems with my cell phone service provider. The last straw was when they charged me for calls I didn’t make. I then changed my service to another company.

4. During a match between France and Italy in the 2006 soccer world cup, the last straw for Zinedine Zidane was when Materazzi said something about his mother. He then headbutted him and got a red card:

5. I had a certain English student who immigrated to Canada. He was not happy living in Fortaleza… I think the last straw for him was when his family was assaulted.

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