Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kill two birds with one stone

If you kill two birds with one stone you are achieving two objectives with one action/ accomplishing two goals at the same time. This is very productive and helps to save time and be more efficient.
* If something doesn’t add up, it doesn’t make sense.

1. If you always learn any vocabulary as part of a phrase as opposed to just memorizing individual words, then you will kill two birds with one stone. Besides expanding your vocabulary you will also be learning the correct grammar. By watching movies with subtitles you also kill two birds with one stone: You get entertainment and language learning at the same time.

2. If you want to improve your English really fast you could kill two birds with one stone and make friends with English speakers or find a native English speaker boyfriend or girlfriend.

3. Brazilians like to kill two birds with one stone by exercising on the beach. You can get fit as well as get a tan (get some sun) at the same time.

4. If I have to run an errand (take a short trip to do a specific thing), for example, if I have to go to the pharmacy, I try to kill two birds with one stone and pay my electricity/ energy bill. It’s really convenient.

5. You can kill two or three birds with one stone by paying for a bundled service (package), such as internet, telephone and cable TV – also it’s more economical.


  1. How do you kill two birds with one stone?

  2. It's funny: there is a similiar saying in Russian, only it goes like "to kill to rabbits with one shot":)

  3. ups, I did several mistakes: it is tWo rabbits and the other word is similar:(
    As for me, I'm killing two birds with one shot by watching news in English. On the one hand I'm expanding my vocabulary, on the other I'm staying up to date. It is actually a really good way to build vocabulary connected to specific topic (like words we use when talking about earthquakes/natural disasters or uprisings).

  4. Hi Rita... here in Brazil they also say "to kill 2 rabbits with one hit (from a staff)"... interesting... [Matar dois coelhos com uma cajadada so]. I can see why your written English and English in general is so good... because you're killing two birds with one stone - taking every opportunity to improve your English. You're definitely on the right track! Thanks for your comments!