Monday, August 8, 2011

Ups and downs

The “ups and downs” in life or in any situation are the alternating good and bad times, the highs and lows - emotionally, financially etc.

1. Being a parent has its ups and downs. There are more ups than downs though. Some of the “downs” are: sleepless nights with sick children and less free time in general. Some of the “ups” are: watching your child grow and develop, their first words, their first steps and the funny things they say and do.

2. Some people go through a lot of ups and downs in different relationships until they finally meet the love of their life or “the one”.

3. On their road to success all professional athletes will go through ups and downs, victories and defeats before they reach the “top of their game”.

4. Living and working in a foreign country has its ups and downs. You miss your culture, family and friends and speaking your native language… on the other hand there’s so much to learn and experience. There are more pluses than minuses, more positives than negatives.

5. Are your friends always there for you in the ups and downs of life? Are you there for your friends when they go through ups and downs?


  1. Does your job/ profession have any ups and downs?

  2. I have ups and downs when I eat too many sweets and don't do any sport. It's not because I worry about how much I weigh, that's actually how I really feel.


  3. I hope you are having more ups than downs this year Maria ;)