Friday, September 30, 2011

Play to (someone/ something)

If you “play to” someone you are behaving, performing or doing something in a way that pleases people and gets their approval or convinces them. To “play to” can also be to appeal to, especially in satisfying a need that someone has.

1.  As an English teacher I play to peoples’ need to learn English in a global community; where English is becoming more of a “must” rather than an option. In doing so, I remind and focus my students on their objectives and how English is so important to their future.

2. If you tell someone exactly what they want to hear, you are playing to their sense of insecurity and might be giving them an inaccurate idea of their ability. We need to be honest in our opinions when people ask for them, otherwise we will just be flattering them, which is not sincere.

3. When any politician is running for office; whether it be for President, Mayor, Governor etc., they play to peoples’ hopes and dreams - and many times make some promises that they will probably not be able to fulfill. Everyone wants a change in the right direction, and so we vote for the person who we think will bring it to us.

4.  Famous musicians/ bands play to the crowds at any concert and give them exactly what they want: a spectacularly entertaining show. Amongst those are: U2, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Christina Aguilera and the late Michael Jackson.

5. Many men play to women’s desire for romance and adventure - and women fall for it, only to discover later that it was in fact fleeting (momentary), superficial or even non-existent.


  1. Have you ever played to someone's curiosity to get them interested in anything?

  2. I have some clothes that my husband hates. I play to him and don't wear them so often, but from time to time I feel like wearing them no matter what he thinks - just to be myself :)

    Thanks for the blog.

  3. OK... so you play to his sense of fashion! Thanks for the comment Maria :)

  4. It's bad play to people's hope, unfortunately it's so comoon!
    But with people like you, a better world will be possible.

    I love your blog! Tks!