Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The last minute

If you do something at the last minute, you are doing it just before the deadline or before the time it needs to be ready. You leave something until the last moment.

1. Were/ are you someone who left/ leaves studying for exams until the last minute? Of course, why study now when we still have tomorrow, right!?

2. Do women leave things until the last minute more commonly than men, or is it that they are only ready until the last minute?

3. I am not surprised when students send me compositions at the last minute just before coming to class, even though I will most likely not have the time to revise them until after the class.

4. When you need to cancel an event or outing with a friend (or even an English class), do you wait until the last minute to call them, or do you try to let them know ahead of time?

5. Do you sleep until the last possible minute, or do you wake up a little earlier and give yourself ample time to get ready for work… or a little bit of a leeway (flexibility) with the traffic?

6. If you’re joking with someone and they get worried about something, do you let the suspense build and tell them you’re joking at the last minute, or do you tell them, “I’m only joking!” as soon as you can?

7. Some people like to leave things until the last minute because they say they “work well under pressure” or with a looming deadline (impending). Personally I get very stressed if I leave things until the last minute.

8. Do you leave your Christmas shopping or buying birthday gifts until the last minute because you lack the motivation (or money), or is it because you put a lot of thought into it… or are you not that person?

9. One thing you cannot do when planning a trip is leave buying your flight ticket until the last minute and then expect to get a decent price, unless you put yourself on the standby list.

10. If a fire was burning your house down, would you leave at the last minute while trying to rescue things?


  1. Tomorrow I am going to Frankfurt by train. I decided to buy my train tickets earlier because I didn't know if would be possible to find a cheap last minute train ticket. Today I searched for last minute tickets and found some wich cost as much as half of the price I paid for my ticket. :( In spite of that I waited until the last minute to buy my return ticket and found a last minute train ticket as cheap as the one I didn't buy. should I always assume there will be last minute tickets available or should I take no risks?



  2. That's a good question Bruno... Tricky situation. I was thinking that maybe the whole dynamic is different with planes and trains. Personally I wouldn't take the risk with a plane, especially if I have to be some place at a specific date. I once caught a plane from Recife to Fortaleza at the last minute with my family... And literally the price of the tickets went up by hundreds of Reals from one minute to the other the closer we got to the departure time, while we were deciding what to do!