Monday, February 3, 2014

Unless - an indispensable conjunction

Unless is like saying, "if...not"/ "except if"/ Except on the condition that.../ Except under the circumstances that... We may be talking about an exception to the rule.

1. Tourists who come to Brazil might not be aware of safety issues, unless they come from countries where they have the same conditions, and so are used to staying on their toes.

2. I don't normally teach private classes to groups of students, unless they are married couples.

3. Come hell or high water I am going to the beach this weekend… Unless it rains!

4. It is so easy to set ultimatums: "Unless she apologizes I'm never going to speak to her again."

5. This is how you know someone may be blackmailing you: they will not give you what you want, unless you do what they want or give them what they want.

6. A year has 365 days, unless it is a leap year. Is 2014 a leap year?

7. Everybody likes to eat avocado on a sandwich, on a pizza, in a salad or as guacamole… Unless you are Brazilian. Brazilians are used to making a sort of fruit shake called a "vitamina", where they blend avocado and condensed milk to create an "Abacatada".

8. I eat almost anything, unless it has onions in it. Are you a very picky eater, or do you eat most things?

9. Here in Brazil, a new law states that amongst other places, minors cannot enter a cinema, unless they are accompanied by a legal guardian.

10. Fridays are always seen as good, unless... it's Friday the 13th. Are people in your country superstitious about Friday the 13th?

11. Do not tell anyone your secrets, unless it's someone you can trust.

12. My students usually pay for classes that they don't attend, unless they cancel a class the week before.

13. You shouldn't lie, unless you absolutely have to... unless it's an exceptional circumstance. Where do we draw the line?

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