Thursday, April 10, 2014


Gotta is an informal contraction for “have got to”. It’s also a synonym for “must”. We use this in casual speech, and so often it is not appropriate in writing.

1.      If you’ve never been bungee jumping, you’ve gotta try it someday… or something similar such as hang gliding,  abseiling or skydiving. If not, you’re missing out!

2.      When you say to people, “I’ve gotta go,” it could be that you really do need to go because of time constraints or it could just be an excuse. 

3.      You’ve gotta see the movie, “The Cabin in the Woods.” Although it is in the Horror genre, it is the first horror movie I’ve watched since I was  a kid, and I must say that it is not too scary. You’ve gotta watch it for the storyline… and the revelation at the end.

4.      I’ve gotta try getting to bed earlier so I can get some more sleep. They say that each hour you sleep before midnight has the same value as two hours after midnight. Do you think this is true?

5.      I’ve gotta learn to relax a lot more. I’ve been hanging out a lot with my Brazilian friends, many of whom are my students, and their relaxed attitude is starting to rub off on me (affect me).

6.      I really want to watch the rest of the movie that I started watching last night, but I’ve gotta prepare my conversation material. It is a real test of my willpower to buckle down (just do what is necessary and work hard) and do the right thing.

7.      I’ve  gotta get my daughter a fancy dress costume for an event at school. Where can I find an inexpensive one?

8.      You’ve gotta push yourself and be consistent with anything in life if you want to see results.

9.      We’ve all gotta make backup copies of our photos in case the originals somehow get lost.

10.  We’ve gotta drink 8 glasses of water a day, or at least we’re supposed to. It’s really hard work doing it!

11.  Fewer than five out of ten French people take a bath or shower every day (according to the general consensus on the internet), but here in Fortaleza, Brazil most people have gotta shower at least 2-3 times a day because of the tropical equatorial climate.

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