Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Present perfect continuous: Have been + -ing

When you want to express an action that started in the past and is continuing in the present, or something done recently,  we use “have/has been + -ing”.

1.      I have been teaching English as a second language for over 11 years (since 2003).  It has been my bread and butter (how I earn a living). How long have you been doing what you currently do?

2.      I’ve been learning Portuguese slowly but surely for the last 5 years. How many more years do you think it will take for me to become fluent in Portuguese?

3.      I have been thinking about moving to Rio de Janeiro in the near future. The cost of living there is the one major obstacle, though.

4.      Recently I have been watching some new TV series (for me): “Vikings”, “Game of Thrones” and “Shameless”. As a result I have been going to bed later than usual.

5.      have been making pancakes almost every Sunday morning. It’s becoming a tradition. What have you been doing on a regular basis that is becoming a routine for you?  

6.      Has your favorite sports team been winning or losing recently?  

7.      Most people are worrying about something at any given time. What’ve you been worrying about recently?

8.      Brazil has been preparing for the next soccer World Cup for a while now. It is time to step it up, though.

9.      Have you been losing weight or picking up weight over the last few months?  

10.  I haven’t been following international news recently… can you tell me anything new or fill me in?

11.  What have you been up to (doing) recently? This is a very common (and general) question in English.

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