Tuesday, May 13, 2014


The mood of a person is the state of mind they are in at any given time. It might depend on their emotions or feelings. The mood of a place or thing is the atmosphere or feeling that it expresses.

1. If we say that someone is not a morning person, it could mean that they are generally in a bad mood in the morning. Do you know someone (or are you someone) who is often in a bad mood when they wake up?

2. When you are in a bad mood, how long does it last for? Are you able to change your "frame of mind" easily or does it usually affect your whole day?

3. Do you think "Seu Lunga" is always sarcastic because he's in a bad mood... or do you think he is sarcastic no matter what mood he's in?

4. When someone is unusually or unexpectedly happy, you could say to them, "Wow, you're in a good mood today!" Are people pleasantly surprised when you are in a good mood?

5. What situations or circumstances put you into a bad mood? When someone insults you? When it's a rainy day? When you're hungry or tired?

6. If someone is very temperamental and their emotions go up and down, you could say that person is "moody". Do you "wear your heart on your sleeve"? In other words do you let your emotions show easily?

7. If you are in a bad mood, do you try to hide it or do you let everyone know? In the professional world… or especially in customer service, you have to put on a smile/put on a happy face, even if you are in a bad mood.

8. What things or activities can you do to "change your mood"? How about a walk on the beach? A bar of chocolate? A good movie to "take your mind off" things? Do different types of music affect your mood?

9. If someone stays in a bad mood for a prolonged period of time, we can say that he or she has "a dark cloud hanging over their head".

10. When you see that someone is in a bad mood, do you try to cheer them up (make them happy)? If you are in a bad mood and you see someone who's all happy and in a good mood, does it irritate you?

11. Do you think people who are almost always in a good mood… or people who are almost always in a bad mood are like that by nature? 

12. It's interesting to contemplate the fact that our moods really have an impact on the people around us. Do you think your general mood impacts the people around you in a positive or negative way?

13. If you really don't know what you're feeling, you could say that you are in a strange mood.

14.  If someone is impossible to deal with at any point in time, we would say that they are in a "foul mood". It's best to stay away from people if they are in a foul mood (or if you yourself are in a foul mood).


  1. Is there any difference between being in a good mood and in a good spirit?

  2. Yes Sergio, they are similar... At least what someone sees on the outside. The inner motivation may be different. If someone is "in good spirits", he or she may have been encouraged and so is in a positive frame of mind... And naturally that person would be in a good mood as a result. If someone is in good spirits it is usually an inner motivation as opposed to an outer reaction to circumstances.