Friday, May 9, 2014

Stand up to/ Stand up for

If you “stand up to” someone, you are defending yourself. If you “stand up for” something you are claiming your right or demanding fair treatment. To “stand up against” is to confront someone in defense of.

1.      Do you remember who sang the following song:
              “Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights…
              get up, stand up, don’t give up the fight.” ?

2.      It’s good to stand up for your rights, but we all need to “pick our fights”. It’s just not beneficial standing up for some rights we think we have, because sometimes they are really insignificant or unimportant and it’s not worth the conflict. Have you ever stood up for your rights by getting involved in a demonstration or protest?

3.      Sometimes it is good to stand up to a “bully”… and sometimes there are disastrous consequences, especially in the case of a smaller or weaker country standing up to a bigger country. Some people portray the USA as a bully. Do you think this is really the case?

4.       Mahatma Gandhi was a fascinating character. The way in which he stood up against discrimination in South Africa and in India using passive resistance and non-violence, makes him stand out as one of the most important examples of resolving conflict peacefully.

5.      Have you ever stood up for someone who couldn’t defend or speak for themselves? Environmentalists and animal rights activists frequently stand up to organizations and governments.

6.      If someone is easily influenced or taken advantage of, he is called a “pushover”. If you’re a pushover, you may need to stand up for yourself and “put your foot down” or let people know what your limits are.

7.      If someone is unjustly criticized online in a forum, on a blog, on YouTube, etc., I sometimes stand up for them. It’s easier to stand up for yourself or others online, especially if you can remain anonymous!


  1. Nice tip! You really have been helping me improve my english skills!

    1. Great to hear! There's always more, so stick around!

  2. Very interesting and explained in a funny way as always. Keep going!

  3. Thanks for the comment! In a fun way... or in a funny way? Fun (entertaining) and funny (haha!).