Monday, January 3, 2011

Be on to (someone)


If you are on to someone, then you are suspicious of them. You know what they are planning.

1. I'm planning a surprise for Valentine's Day, but I think my girlfriend is on to me.

2. The police are on to the serial killer - he's making mistakes and becoming sloppy and predictable.

3. I need to stop surfing the internet so much at work. I think the boss is on to me.

4. I think the teacher is on to you... you always give the same excuses.


  1. didn't know that either! thanks for everything, I found the blog just some days ago... English isn't my first language, though I'm fluent in it, but anyways I guess this blog will help me to improve it even more!
    Thanks a lot!

  2. hey PearCloud, I'm also fluent in it, let's meet each other :D
    ohh the sentence !, almost forgot about it, I'm on to a guy across the Street he seems to be planning world domination or something in the vein of it

  3. I wonder if anyone is on to Dexter... I wonder if he will resurface after he faked his death. I miss that TV Series!