Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Let (me) get this straight

When someone uses this expression they want to clarify something/ they want to verify and see if they understood the situation. Often it is used in a rhetorical and sarcastic way. "Let's (let us) get this straight" can also be used in an assertive and confrontational way - the person is putting their foot down or exercising their authority.

1. Let me get this straight: you want to take credit for the project when I did 90% of the work!?

2. Galileo... let me get this straight... you're telling me that the earth revolves around the sun even though we see with our own eyes that it rises in the East and sets in the West?

3. Let's get this straight - You work for me, I don't work for you.

4. Let's get this straight... I'm not going to pay for something that I didn't authorize on my credit card.

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