Thursday, January 27, 2011

Screw up


"Screw up" is definitely an informal way of saying to make a mistake/ mess something up/ fail. I wouldn't use it when speaking to your future mother-in-law, a formal job interview or at church, lol! ... that is if you're in conservative circles or simply want to make a good first impression.

1. Some people think that BP (British Petroleum) screwed up in their Gulf of Mexico oil leak. There were serious consequences, of course, but I think it was a tragic circumstance that might have happened without them necessarily being negligent.

2. Oops! I think I seriously screwed up. I sent that email to the wrong person. It's going to be embarrassing.

3. Do you think Brad Pitt screwed up when he got divorced from Jennifer Aniston?

4. When a president (or anyone else) screws up in a public address (speech) or social setting by saying the wrong thing, it is super funny. This is also known as a "gaffe", a "faux pas" or more commonly a "blooper". Here is a funny blooper from former US president George Bush. Please just take it in good humor no matter what your political persuasion or opinion: Click here.


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  2. Hello Frank

    I have a question and I'd be gratefull if you could help me: sometimes when I'm hogging the remote control for hours I try to hear tv series in their original version, so I usually watch kid series, like Phineas and Ferd or iCarly etc; despite the fact I've chosen so bad because they use too much slang, in an episode of iCarly the characters made a recopilatory episode with the best moments and showed "srew up moments" this has the same meaning as you posted, isn't it?

    Thanks again Frank.

  3. Yep... there are some synonyms in example "4".