Monday, September 12, 2011

Live off


If you live off someone or something, you survive using that person or thing or with their help.

1. Many people live off the land by eating and using what they find - fruit that grows naturally or hunting animals that are natural to that specific area. Do you have the survival skills to live off the land?

2. What is the maximum age where people should stop living off their parents and get a job?

3. Senior citizens are elderly people, many of whom have retired and live off a pension.

4. If you win the lottery and put that money in the bank, it is possible to live off the interest.

5. When people go to prison they live off the taxpayers’ money.

6. Successful musicians are able to live off the royalties from the sales of their music long after they have retired from the music scene.

7. The families of dictators have been able to live off the misdirected money from their regimes, being wasteful and extravagant at the expense of the nation.

8. Someone who lives off the hard work of other people is called a parasite. Some other popular synonyms are: to freeload and to sponge off someone.  

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  1. Is anyone reading this still living off their parents?