Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tick (someone) off

If you tick someone off you make them angry/ mad.
To hold a grudge: to not forgive someone
To get (someone) back: to take revenge, to give someone a taste of their own medicine.

1. Doesn’t it tick you off when a taxi driver takes advantage of you and takes you on an unnecessarily long detour so that he can make extra money?

2. I got really ticked off last year during the Soccer World Cup when the referee gave the South African goalkeeper a red card for a foul that he didn’t actually commit. I am South African, by the way… otherwise there would have been no reason to get ticked off!

3. Does it tick you off when someone cuts in front of you in any line – whether you are waiting to buy a movie ticket or buying coconut water at the beach?

4. It ticks me off when my internet goes down (service is interrupted) and there’s no apparent reason, because I really depend on it. Two weeks ago I had no internet access at home for 2 days… and only later did I discover that it was because they were servicing the power lines for the newly constructed buildings across the street. Aaargh!

5. I used to get mildly ticked off when my students canceled English class without much notice or simply just didn’t show up - but then I started charging for classes that were missed and that helped bring down my stress levels, because now it doesn’t affect my pocket (finances).

6. Do many things tick you off or are you able to shrug off (forget about something easily) irritations and potentially frustrating situations.


  1. Please tell us just one thing that ticks you off...

  2. I get ticked off when I schedule some sort of stuff to do with my friends, and then I receive a phonecall of them telling me that they won`t go because of cheap excuses.