Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stand behind

If you stand behind someone or something, it means that you support or endorse them or it. You guarantee the performance or worth of someone or something.

1. The German government is standing behind its controversial biofuel, saying that it was sticking with the biofuel E10 despite major problems. "We need to reduce our dependency on oil," the Environment Minister said after the meeting with oil company representatives, and automakers. E10, which contains 10 percent ethanol, is safe for 93 percent of all cars registered in Germany - yet, despite it being cheaper than regular gasoline, many drivers have refused to buy it fearing that it will damage their engines. In Brazil the mandatory minimum blend (mix) of Ethanol (from sugarcane) has been set at 25% (E25) since 2007.

2. Many of Muammar Gaddafi’s officials who stood behind him and who were called “Gaddafi Loyalists” have already defected to the former rebels in Libya or are fleeing Tripoli and other cities. Did they seemingly stand behind him because they were intimidated or fearful for their lives or perhaps were promised money and power?

3. I stand behind my teaching methods because they show results for those who are patient and motivated in their language learning.

4. Do you stand behind your rugby/ soccer/ ice hockey/ basketball/ baseball/ cricket team whether they win or lose? Are you a diehard supporter who will support your team through thick and thin?

5. I stand behind “Hohner”, which is the best brand of diatonic Harmonica for playing the blues. What brand names do you stand behind?

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