Saturday, September 7, 2013

Freak out

"Freak out" is exactly the same as saying "to panic", to lose your composure, to come unglued or to get really scared.

1.  Do you freak out when you see just a drop of blood?

2. Do you freak out when you see a flying cockroach at home or a bee in the car? What advice would you give to someone who usually freaks out about spiders and insects in general?

3. On the road… When you almost have an accident, do you freak out or do you keep your calm?

4. In an assault situation, how do you or would you react? Do you visibly freak out or are you maybe paralyzed with fear? 


  1. What things - both big and small - freak YOU out?

  2. Rats freak me out ( no mouses, Rats ). If I saw a rat in my house I'd climb on a chair and would start screaming uncontrollably like a comic.

    1. Yes... Mice are cuter!... Jerry, Mickey, Mighty Mouse, Speedy Gonzalez...

  3. I'd say, at this moment in my life, nothing freaks me out!

  4. Me han complicado las cosas yo solía descargar la página como un archivo a mi carpeta personal y no encuentro en esta ocasión ,la oportunidad de hacerlo ¿es así o yo no lo estoy viendo ?
    Espero que me den una respuesta
    Si lo comparto en mi página de facebook "para los que luchan con el inglés "
    Gracias por esto tan bueno que nos ofrecen y gratis ,representa el futuro en el presente tal como debería ser .con la cultura compartida solidariamente

    1. Que tal Letaniabubu?
      I decided not to include the PDF, and in fact deleted the previous ones, just for consistency... basically, what I put up on this blog is a condensed version of the PDF, so you are not missing out on anything important. You are welcome to copy anything you see (the examples, etc.) and create your own PDF to share with others if you want. Haha, sorry if I have complicated your life!
      Hasta Pronto,