Thursday, September 12, 2013

About to + verb

If you are about to do something, you are ready to do it/ close to doing it… you are on the verge of doing it… you will do it in the next instant.
(Estar prestes a fazer/ estar para fazer/ perto de realizar)

1.  Sometimes when you are just about to call someone, they call you first. We can say that they “beat you to it” (They were quicker).

2. When someone mentions something that you have already been wanting to say, it’s common to respond, “I was about to say the same thing!” It is commonplace in conversation.

3. My passport is about to expire, which means I will have to take a trip soon to Brasilia, to the South African Embassy soon. Do you have any contract, membership, document etc. that is about to expire?

4. When you feel that you are about to sneeze, do you have any technique to stop yourself?

5. Is anything significant or special about to happen in your life? Anything just around the corner?


  1. I'm about to ask why this blog has not been updated for quite a bit D: this site is way too cool to be on hiatus

    1. Thanks for the compliment... I will get the ball rolling in a week or two... I have a backlog of material that I prepare for class that I haven't put up here yet! :)