Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Make up for

If you try to make up for something, you are trying to compensate for missed opportunities or mistakes that you have made, especially neglecting someone or forgetting what is important to the other person.

1.  If you’re late for work, do you try to make up for it and act extra friendly to your boss and coworkers... or maybe work a little harder or faster?

2. Do you think there’s any way for a person to make up for killing someone or something equally as extreme?

3. It is the same story the world over: Parents who are not present while their children are growing up (because they are too busy focusing on their career or social life) try to make up for it by giving their children expensive things. There is no substitute for a parent’s time. Steve Jobs gave his family everything except his time. Does all that money make up for him not being there?

4. If you’ve forgotten your wife’s/ husband’s/ partner’s birthday or your wedding anniversary, etc., how could you make up for it without having to suffer the consequences?


  1. Does anyone her have to MAKE UP FOR lost time?

  2. After the skirmish he broke out he decided to pick up everybody's tab to make up for the awful things he did.

  3. Breaking up, he focuses on work to make up for it.

  4. Have you noticed how that pesky Twitter bird sometimes covers up the comment box where you want to type? Haha! I will make up for it with some new blog posts in the coming weeks.

  5. You know what? I love this lovely little blue bird that comes along well with me:)