Monday, February 17, 2014

It's beyond me

If something is beyond you, it is impossible or difficult to understand or deal with. It may also express a hint of frustration/ exasperation at the same time. Also, a concept may be difficult to grasp.

1. It is beyond me how many people are not interested in being involved in their children’s' lives. They are missing out on some of life's best moments.

2. Theoretical physics is totally beyond me. I think you need to be an academic to understand Stephen Hawking’s' articles.

3. Why Brazilians have to pay so much tax - especially import tax, is beyond me. Is there any way to justify electronics in Brazil costing at least double the price they do in the US? Are import taxes high in your country?

4. I can't for the life of me understand how someone can take another person's life, simply because they want something that the other person has. It's beyond me.

5. To contemplate the infinite past is totally mind-boggling… It is absolutely beyond me. Time always existed, and there was never a beginning. There was always existence.

6. Do you think it's possible to use up all of the memory in your brain? It's incredible how efficient and complex the human brain is. As much as scientists have discovered - still, the way the mind and the brain work is still beyond their understanding.

7. If you are unhappy with someone's decision, or if you simply don't understand it, you could express it in this way: I don't know why the creators of the TV series "Lost" decided to end the storyline the way they did. It's beyond me. There could have been so many better endings.

8. The advances in technology are so fast that it makes my head spin. Progress is becoming exponential. What people can conceive in their imagination, can now be achieved fairly easily. The creativity and ingenuity of some people is beyond me.

9. From my cultural perspective, it is beyond me how some people can eat the things they do. Enough said!


  1. From my cultural perspective, it is beyond me how some people can eat the things they do. Enough said!

    Hahaha! Have you ever tried Buchada or Panelada? How did they taste?

    How come people(especially religious people) cannot tolerate each other? It's beyond me!


  2. Haha! I haven't tried Panelada or Buchada yet... Although many of my students love both dishes. I'm waiting for someone to invite me over for dinner... Or to a market somewhere. They say that it has to be prepared well or you could get really sick.

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  4. Oh ! But you should! As a foreigner you should definitely try them. Despite living there for 25 years I've never tried them because they neither looked tasty nor smelled good. You wrote "Invite me over". I saw an interesting explanation in a book(Phrasal Verbs in Use by Cambridge Press) and thought it might be useful for students who may not be familiarized with "expressions" like that. Here is the link:
    Well..If you think the two dishes are too disgusting, you could try this one:



    1. Thanks Bruno!
      That's nice use of dropbox for sharing stuff... You can do the same with Evernote… I should make more use of it. Thanks for sharing! That dish looks like it's made with flying ants. I remember them as a kid in South Africa... Not eating them, just seeing them!

  5. I can't wrap my mind around the fact that many people don't know the existence of this blog yet, I mean, COME ON, this blog IS SOOO COOL, I will make sure my friends visit this blog !! many people not knowing this blog is BEYOND ME