Friday, February 7, 2014

You never know...

When we say this, we are imagining that something could happen, no matter how improbable. We are keeping an open mind as to possibilities.

1. It is highly unlikely that we will ever have a tsunami, earthquake or any number of natural disasters in the Northeast of Brazil, but you never know… anything could happen.

2. We need to “expect the unexpected” because you never know what could happen next. Are you flustered (afobado) when unexpected things happen, or do you roll with the punches (deal well with difficulties)?

3. Do you participate in competitions or raffles, being very positive and thinking to yourself, “You never know, I could win!”? Personally I’m not very optimistic in such matters and prefer not to “waste” my time.

4. Bafana Bafana could beat Brazil in the 2018 World Cup – you never know!

5. I could live in Fortaleza for the rest of my life or I could immigrate to England next year- you never know.

6. You never know, Dilma could find my blog on Google and contract me to be her private English teacher.

7. The whole of South America could adopt the Brazilian Real, the way some countries do with the US dollar. You never know! Instead of their economies being dollarized, they could be “Realized”.

8. Iran might stop enriching uranium and give up on their nuclear program tomorrow. You never know.

9. You never know – scientists might figure out how to join atoms to create elements in a safe way. Theoretically we could manufacture water by joining two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom.

10. If we get a new mayor with a good head on his shoulders, you never know, Fortaleza could become the next Curitiba (and be a model for all Brazilian cities).


  1. I loved it! Especially the joke with the real (rsrsr)

    1. Thanks Junior. You never know... I might run into you one day! Cheers!