Thursday, September 29, 2011

Handed (something) on a silver platter


If you are handed something on a silver platter, you didn’t have to work hard to get it or put much effort in.
* Pay your dues -> to pay your debts/ what you owe someone.

1. Bill Gates has 3 children. I think that they will be handed everything on a silver platter. They will not need to worry about opportunities in life. They’ve got it made. If someone is born into a rich family, we can say that they were “born with a silver spoon in their mouth.”

2. Do you remember when you had to go to a library to do research? Well those days are gone… these days everything is handed to us on a silver platter on the internet. With the advance of the World Wide Web, information is served to us on a silver platter.

3.Would you like to be handed everything on a silver platter or would you prefer to become successful though blood, sweat and tears (hard work)? They say that if you work hard for something you’ll appreciate it a whole lot more.

4. Have you inherited anything from your parents? If you have then you were handed it on a silver platter, which is a privilege, not a right.

5. Many people in underprivileged/ third world countries think that the people in first world countries have been handed everything on a silver platter. Despite that, do you think there is opportunity for anyone, anywhere?

6. Nelson Mandela, despite his relatively privileged upbringing, was not handed his eventual success as a leader on a silver platter. It took a lot of determination and sacrifice to get there. He became a lawyer when it was incredibly rare for black people to do so under the apartheid laws in South Africa… and was later imprisoned for a total of 27 years.


  1. Have you been handed anything on a silver platter?

  2. No I have not. I have worked so hard! I haven't handed understand the English on a silver platter, I need practice more than other persons to understand the same item.

    Tks 4 your blog. Paty