Thursday, January 16, 2014


Lately is a synonym for recently. It could be in the last couple of days or
the last few weeks. (Ultimamente). It is often used in the present
perfect continuous tense.

1. Janet Jackson sings in one of her songs, "What have you done for me
lately?". What have you done for a loved one of late?

2. Have you been following international news lately? Nelson Mandela has been
all over the news. What has been in the news in your country lately?

3. "How is life treating you?": another way of asking how life has been lately.

4. There have been a lot of parties and celebrations lately, as people are
winding down the festive season.

5. Is there anything in particular that has been on your mind lately? Do you
think more about the past, the present or the future?

6. One of Rod Stewart's most famous songs is entitled, "Have I told you lately". Have you told those important people in your life that you loved them recently?

7. My laptop broke recently… So lately I have been using my iPad to do just about everything. Can you get by without the use of a computer for longer than a week?

8. Lately I have been practicing my Portuguese by reading the subtitles of programs and movies out aloud, while I mute the volume.

9. I haven't been sticking to my exercise routine lately. I have been letting it slipWhat have you been letting slip lately?

10. Has anything life-changing happened to you lately?

11. When someone says, "I feel like I have been stuck in a rut lately." It could be a stale, boring routine or even a state of mind that they cannot escape from.


  1. What's been happening in your country lately?

  2. Michael Schumacher has been in the news lately.
    By the way: Under 8) it says "...while I'm mute the volume". What about "...while I've muted / I'm muting the volume"?

  3. Yes... Haha, that's a typo... I will change that, thanks!