Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cut in (line):

If someone cuts in a line, they join a line ahead/ in front of people who arrived before them… in an unfair way. (furar fila)

1. Even though it is common in some countries and cultures, social etiquette determines that we really should not cut in line… We should join the back of the line. Do you live in a civilized city?

2. "First come, first serve" is the reason why we form lines. If someone cuts in line, they are getting served before someone who had arrived before them.

3. If someone cuts in a line that you are in, do you make comments? Do you speak to that person directly? Are you relived or pacified when someone else makes a comment and complains?

4. In England, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa it is common to say "queue" instead of a line. Either way, it is still frustrating when someone cuts in front of you in a queue!

5. In what situation would a man not mind if someone cuts in front of him?

6. Do you get competitive when someone tries to cut in front of you while you're driving? Do you try to cut them off... or do you let them in?

7. Are you guilty of cutting in line? In what situations would you feel justified to cut in line?

8. If someone goes to the front of the line to ask a question, is that cutting in? Have you ever done that?


  1. I know in Western countries is very rude cutting in line. But I usually cut some slack especially if a person old.

  2. That's nice of you to cut elderly people some slack :)