Saturday, January 18, 2014


There are multiple meanings for, "just". Just could mean, "only". Just could also mean, "right at a specific moment" or even, "exactly/ specifically". "Just about ", means almost. If you just did something, you did it very recently – maybe a few seconds ago (acabar de).

1. When you submit any work… or when you arrive somewhere just before the deadline, we say that you did it "just in time". You can arrive at a bus stop just in time to catch the next bus.

2. When you hear somebody say, "That's just what I wanted!", they found or received something that is exactly what they wanted. Did you get just what you wanted for your last birthday or Christmas?

3. The expression, "... just what the doctor ordered," refers to a well-deserved vacation or period of rest... or anything that helps you to destress or relax. "That skydiving trip is just what the doctor ordered!"

4. What interruptions/ distractions normally occur just as you are about to start something important or engage in any enjoyable activity?

5. How do you say, "I was just about to call you." in your own language?

6. Have you ever said to anyone, "Give me just one more chance!"?

7. If you want to explain to someone why you look the way you do early in the day, especially if you are still groggy, you could say, "I just woke up."

8. I have lots of million-dollar ideas… I just need $1 million to implement them!

9. Another way to say, "All you need is love." is, "You just need love".

10. Many instant recipes that you buy in a box or in a packet say in the instructions, "Just add water." For most pancake mixtures you just need to add milk.

11. Everybody has heard the slogan, "Just do it!" Often, we don't need to overthink something… we simply need to do it.

12. Have you just started any new hobby or project in January as part of a New Year's Resolution?


  1. Some lyrics to an old classic: "I love you just the way you are..." Can anyone tell me the name of the group/ singer?... and what doe "just" mean in this case?

  2. "I was just about to call you." In Spanish (Puerto Rico): Estaba a punto de llamarte.

  3. Thanks Vivian! I used to walk around in "Old San Juan" a lot when I was working on the cruise ships. Beautiful place!

  4. In Portuguese we could say "Eu estava prestes a te ligar", among others several ways... (Am I correct about the english form?)

    1. "...among several other ways."
      I think it's also possible to say, "Eu estava por te ligar."?

  5. There's enough money around. It's just not where I am right now ;-)

  6. In German we would say.

    Ich war gerade dabei dich anzurufen.